Basic Radio Brevity

Roger = Received message

Wilco = Will comply to orders

Tally = Visual to Enemy/Bogey/Target/Landmark

No Joy = No Visual to Enemy/Bogey/Target/Landmark

Visual = Visual to Friendly

Blind = No Visual to Friendly


Fox = Air to Air Missile fired -

Fox 1 = SARG Missile -

Fox 2 = Heatseeker Missile -

Fox 3 = ARG Missile

Rifle = Air to Ground Missile fired

Pickle = Non guided Air to Ground Ordnance dropped Paveway = Guided Air to Ground Ordnance dropped Magnum = Launch of friendly anti-radiation missile (such as AGM-88 HARM, ALARM)

Splash = Kill of Enemy Aircraft

Shack = Kill of Enemy Ground Asset

Spike = Air to Air Radar pop up / Mud-Spike for Ground to Air Radar

Nails = Air to Air Radar in Search on RWR

Bogey dope = Request for target information as briefed/available


BRAA = Bearing Range Altitude Azimuth.

Bulls = means, the location indicated by AWACS in reference to the Bulls location (Located on the map, or ask ATC before takeoff).

Gorilla = Large force of indeterminate numbers and formation (Unknown and Hostile)

Bogey = A radar or visual air contact whose identity is unknown

Bandit = An aircraft identified as enemy, in accordance with theater ID criteria