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Mission Requirements

  1. Sign Ups are on a first come, first server basis using the Honor method, sign up with your discord username

  2. If there is reasonable doubt you won't be able to make the mission start time, please sign up in the waitlist

  3. Respect the Waitlist, if you see an open spot, please check the waitlist to see if there is someone waiting for that slot/aircraft type

  4. Please have a working knowledge of Simple Radio (SRS) for DCS

  5. Have a working knowledge of the aircraft you are signing up for, please be able to Cold Start and fly your aircraft with a reasonable amount of proficiency

  6. Have a working knowledge of the weapons and role assigned to the slot/aircraft you are signing up for

  7. Be relaxed and have FUN! we are a casual group and are not looking for Aces, but a reasonable amount of proficiency to aid in everyone's enjoyment of the mission/event, people new to multiplayer are of course VERY WELCOME to join a mission!

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