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What Is DCS: World?

DCS or Digital Combat Simulator: World is the most complex and realistic combat flight simulation software available on the market today.  It serves as the base frame work for DCS Modules which "plug-in" to the base World program.  Modules can be fixed or rotary wing aircraft, ground units, maps, ships and more.


DCS: World is FREE to download and comes with a map centered around Georgia and the Caucasus Mountains and both a Flaming Cliffs Su-25T Frogfoot and Full Fidelity TF-51D Mustang.    

Full Fidelity Vs Flaming Cliffs

DCS World Aircraft come in two flavors, Flaming Cliffs and Full Fidelity. 

Flaming Cliffs aircraft offer simplified systems but retain professional flight dynamics.

Full Fidelity Modules are true recreations of aircraft both past and present with every system fully modeled with highly detailed cockpits in which every button, switch and dial has a purpose and can be interacted with by the player.  Full Fidelity modules are denoted by the prefix DCS: in their name such as the DCS: F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornet.

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